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Cases in Google My Business

Some of our achievements with Google My Business

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6,000% increase in the number of visits to the point with just one action

In September 2019, our team of specialists achieved an increase of 6,000% in views of the Google My Business account, changing the scope of the company’s services in the settings. For the representation of a home textile store, we indicated all the major cities, as well as regions and regions of Ukraine.

Gaining access to a Tanoya point

Initial data: the store point of the Tanoya cosmetics manufacturing company was created a long time ago and was not used for its intended purpose. Our team of experts restored access to the point, achieved the removal of old content and continued its maintenance in the testing mode of new promotion methods.

Removing duplicate points on the map: triple case, Neuromed company

Initial data: users created points that duplicate the real ones and needed to delete them. The case is interesting in that at the time this record was created, two of the three points were deleted. The gluing (merging) technique was successfully applied with the first two points. With the third point, the situation turned out to be more complicated: users set the point absolutely not where it actually is, and applications were submitted specifically for deletion, and not for gluing.